GIT Version Control System

  • Complete change history of the file Simultaneously working
  • Branching and merging
  • Traceability
  • Localized version control system
  • Centralized version cotrol system
  • Distributed version control sysem
Localized VCS
  • Administrators have control over other developers
  • Same information are shared among the all memebers in the project
  • Easy user interaction
Git Branching
//To list the available branch
$ git branch
//Create new branch
$ git branch <branch name>
//Delete the branch
$ git branch -d <branch name>

Git Workflow — Git Commands

$ git clone <repository URL>
$ cd <path of the project folder>
$ git init
$ git config --global "Enter your user name"
$ git config --global <enter your github email>
$ git add .
$ git add <file name>
$ git commit -m " enter a commit message"
$ git remote add origin <Remote repository URL>
// push chnages to specific branch
$ git push origin your-branch
//push to the main branch
$ git push origin main



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