Factory Method Design Pattern

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🏭 What is factory method 🏭

  • When the class doesn’t know what sub classes should be created
  • When the parent class wants that its sub classes specify the objects should be created
  • When the parent classes choose the creation of objects to its sub-classes

💡 Application of Factory Method

Pros 😃

Cons 😟

Use Case of Factory Method

class diagram for the cakefactory

Implementation 💻

  • Create an abstract class Cake.java to store the common variables and methods of cakes.
  • Create seperated classes for store the different types of cake implementation. ButterCake.java , ChocolateCake.java , BirthDayCake.java , WeddingCake.java and CupCake.java and they should extends the Cake.java class .
  • Now you need a class to store the branch information. So create another abstract class CakeStore.java to store the common branch information.
  • Then create seperate classes [ ABCBakery.java , PQRBakery.java , XYZBakery.java] to store the each branch information and it should extends the CakeStore.java class.
  • To simplify the implementation we create a enum to store the branch information.
  • Above steps are general implementation. Now we move to the Factory Method implementation.To manage the Cake Store information, you need a factory for that. So now we create the CakeStoreFactory.java class.
  • Finally we create the main application [ MainApp.java ] to get the branch details.
  • Here are the output values for above factory method implementation
Bakery has {cake=[ Birth Day Cake,  Wedding Cake,  Cup Cake]}Bakery has {cake=[ Butter Cake,  Chocolate Cake,  Cup Cake]}Bakery has {cake=[ Butter Cake,  Birth Day Cake,  Cup Cake]}



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