Container-less Application Development

What is a Container-less Application? 🤔

Advantages 👍

  • Simplified development — Developers run the application exactly the same way in development as in production. This reduces the possibility of errors from differences between running in development and running in production. It highly reduces the possibility of occurring server- specific errors
  • Easy deployment — There’s no copying from here to there, and there’s no extra server configuration that you need to maintain separately from the application. Therefore it deployment process is very easy
  • Faster startup — With an embedded server there is less for the container to do and it can start in mere seconds
  • Fewer classloader issues — Fewer classloaders means fewer classloader issues.
  • Better IDE support — Since it’s a regular application instead of something hosted in a web server, it can be easily started and stopped by any IDE without special plugins and without attaching a server to your IDE

Implementation 💻

Web application output

Stay Safe & Learn New Things!!! 😃



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